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Project Overview

The Northern Basin Project Area consist of 9 exploration projects targeting a variety of coal measures found within the Bowen Basin.  The project’s largely target the Moranbah Coal Measures and the Rangal Coal Measures in the west and east respectively.   With exception of the Sullivan Creek Exploration tenement for Coal (EPC) 1518 and Talwood EPC 1590 which target the Rugby Coking Coal Measures.
Also included in this grouping of projects is the Company’s joint venture with Carabella Resources, being the Pretoria Hill Project.  In accordance with the terms this is 50:50 joint venture agreement.  The Pretoria Hill tenement is immediately adjacent to the Carabella Resources Limited (Carabella) (ASX:CLR) flagship Mabbin Creek tenement (EPC 1069).
The detailed list of tenements and the Coal Measures targeted are as follows:

(Map updated on 22/02/2016)

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